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Child Resistant Pre Rolls Conical Tubes 120mm
Child Resistant Concentrate Container Jar
Smell Proof Concentrate Container Jar
Glass Concentrate Container Jar
Ointment Jars 0.5oz
Opaque White Ointment Jars 1oz
CR Ointment Jars 2oz
Screw Top Ointment Jars 8 Oz
Child Proof Ointment Jars
Child Resistant Ointment Jars
Ointment Jars 16oz
Translucent Blue Pre Rolled Cones
Translucent Green CR Cap Pre Rolled Cones
19x98mm Child Resistant Black Pre Rolled Joint Tubes
19*109mm Child Resistant Doob Tube
Plastic Concentrate Container Jar
Clear Concentrate Container Jar
19x120mm Opaque Purple Joint Blunt Tube
Translucent Frosted Concentrate Container Jar
Transparent Concentrate Container Jar
Assorted Colors Concentrate Container Jar
Silicone Concentrate Container Jar 10ml
Translucent Frosted Glass Concentrate Container Jar 2ml
Clear Concentrate Container Jar 3ml
CR Concentrate Container Jar 5ml
1 Oz Amber Oval Bottles /w Oral Adapters
2 Oz Amber Oval Bottles /w Oral Adapters
4 Oz Blue Oval Bottles /w Oral Adapters
6 Oz Blue Oval Bottles /w Oral Adapters
6 Oz Green Oval Bottles /w Oral Adapters
12 Oz Green Oval Bottles /w Oral Adapters
16 Oz Amber Oval Bottles /w Oral Adapters
98mm Child Resistant Pre Rolls Conical Tubes
120mm High Clear Glass Child Resistant Pre Rolls Conical Tubes Assorted Colors
13x73mm CR Vape Cart Pop Top Tube
13x85mm Opaque Gold CR Tube for Vape Cart
16x96mm Opaque Green Joint Tube
Black Push and Turn Vials
Translucent Amber Push and Turn Vials
Push and Turn Vials in Opaque Black
Opaque Black Push and Turn Vials
Assorted Colors Push and Turn Vials
Mixed Sizes Push and Turn Vials 120 Dram
6 DramTranslucent Amber Pop Top Containers
8 Dram Translucent Green Pop Top Bottles
19 Dram Opaque Red Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles
30 Dram Translucent Purple Pop Top Plastic Bottles
60 Dram CR Cap Translucent Purple Pop Top Bottles
120 Dram CR Cap Opaque Green Pop Top Bottles
6 Dram Opaque Black Reversible Cap Vials
8 Dram Opaque White Reversible Cap Vials
13 Dram Assorted Colors Reversible Cap Vials
16 Dram Translucent Purple Reversible Cap Vials
20 Dram Opaque Grey Reversible Cap Vials
30 Dram Opaque Green Reversible Cap Vials
40 Dram Translucent Red Reversible Cap Vials
60 Dram Opaque Black Reversible Cap Vials
120 Dram Black Reversible Cap Vials
Amber Push and Turn Vials
Opaque Black Push and Turn Vials
Push and Turn Vials in Amber
​80mm CR Cap Push And Twist Tube
CNT-110mm pre roll joint joint conical tube
45ml CR Cap Blowing Plastic Bottle
4oz Clear Flower Weed Container
4 layer grinder Aluminum weed herb grinder
OEM Cigar Cutter
New design 4 layer metal grinder
Child resistant pre roll glass tube
BJT-94mm blunt joint tube
CNT-85mm Pre roll conical tube
GLT-73mm child resistant pre roll glass tube
GLT-80mm pre roll glass tube
98mm assorted color pre roll conical tube
85mm 98mm 110mm Plastic joint hemp packaging pre roll cone container
PTC-109mm Pop Top Cone Tube
73mm 80mm 102mm 105mm 120mm CR pre roll glass tube
Wholesale Vape Cartridge Packaging Tube
105mm Child resistant vape cartridge tube
Hot sale electric cigarette rolling
Joint Roller Machine Blunt Fast Cigar Rolling Cigarette
Customized pre roll joint blunt tube
71mm vapor cartridge tube
PDT-85mm child resistant vape cartridge tube
PDT-130mm CR vaporizer cartridges tube
1OZ Translucent Glass Weed Container Jar
2OZ Clear CR Glass Flower Container Jar
3oz Clear CR Flower Weed Container
60ml CR Cap Blowing Plastic Bottle
PTC-98mm Pop Top Cone Tube
68mm CR Cap Vape Push And Twist Tube
GLT-120mm CR pre roll glass tube
OEM Metal Smoking Pipe
customize cigar moisturizer blunt tube
Custom logo weed rolling tray
Assorted color 3g plastic concentrate container
Plastic Joint Blunt Roller Blunt Cigar Rolling Machine
Wholesale Amber Syrup Bottle With Tamper-Evident Cap
78mm 110mm Wholesale tobacco weed smoking rolling roller machine
50mm 4 Layer Rick and Morty Zinc Alloy Herb Weed Grinder
Wood Tobacco Pipe
Water Pipe Smoking Tabaco Cigarette
Empty Plastic Concentrate Containers Diamond shapePlastic Face cream Jars
Diamond shape concentrate container
Smoking Accessories Smoking Pipe
Pre Roll Tube Tamper Evident Bands
shrink bands tamper evident
Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Guillotine Smooth Double Cut Blade for Most Size of Cigars
Collectible Durable Wooden Wood Smoking Pipe Tobacco Cigarettes Cigar Pipes
Matte doypack mylar ziplock bags black pvc foil
Herb Grinder 4 Piece Grinder 2.5 Inches Mario Herb Grinder Spice Grinder Zinc Alloy Grinder for Herbs with Pollen Catcher
SpongeBob Herb Grinder Rick and Morty Zinc Alloy H
Assorted Color 5ml Silicone Container Non Stick Jars Oil Wax Multi Use Kitchen Storage Box
3-layer Grinder Natural Wooden Tobacco Spice Hand Herb Crusher for Smoking
Resealable Weed Flower Packaging Containers Stand Up Mylar Bags
Rolling Metal Tobacco Tray
Multifunction Wood Tobacco Smoking Rolling Tray
Smoking Accessories Metal Tin Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid
Cannabis Card Grinder
Rainbow Herb Grinders 4 Parts Zinc Alloy Pollen Grinder Colorful Metal Grinder
13*80mm vape cartridge pop top tube
Cigar 120mm Blunt tobacco Roller Machine

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Company News
Industry News


The development trend of green packaging materials for plastic bottles
The use and performance of plastic bottles
The properties of plastic bottles and the appearance of glass bottles have an advantage
Plastic bottles should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing
What is the material requirement of plastic bottle used in cosmetic packaging?
Plastic bottle material manufacturing methods
History of plastic bottles
Use of plastic bottles for material purposes
The human comfort of plastic bottle is the trend of future development
Plastic bottles are packed in different areas with different cost requirements
Analysis of packing advantage of plastic tank
All Kinds Of Plastic Bottle Packing Should Be Developed
The Packing Industry Has Obvious Advantages In The Plastic Bottle
New Expansion Of Plastic Bottle Packaging
New 400g Plastic Injection Machines Arrive.
Patent Rights On 80mm High End PS Tube
Child Resistant Recreational Marijuana Regulations By State For Retail Sales
New 18*130mm Cr Lid Clear PS Tube Moulds Ready And Production Begins.
13mm Diamter*85mm Height Glass Clear PS Tube Moulds Ready Today
New Automatic Labelling Machines Arrived,tested And Producing Smoothly.
Marijuana Breathalyzer Technology Is Here…or Is It?
Veganic Marijuana Prompts The Question “Isn’t Cannabis Already Vegan?”
Edible Marijuana Builds In Popularity As Therapy For Pets
Thailand Leads Asia In Legalizing Medical Marijuana
20 Medical Benefits Of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew
What Is CR Products
Plastic Bottles Are Widely Used In The Daily Chemical Industry
The Bottle Packaging Market Needs To Keep Pace With The Times
The Packaging Of Food Plastic Bottles Is Irreplaceable
The Market Share Of Pharmaceutical Plastic Bottles Keeps Rising
Pharmaceutical Plastic Bottle Competition Fierce Enterprises Need Another Market
Go Out To Become Our Country Medicinal Plastic Bottle Manufacturer Necessary Road
To Humanized Medicinal Plastic Bottles
Expand The Tool Performance Of Plastic Bottle Packaging
Website newly set-up and US department been founded.
The Cannabis Industry’s Plastic Problem
Legalization of marijuana
Conical New Colors
The New Pipeline Has Been Installed Successfully
sustainable packaging options for cannabis products
Cannabis-based packaging and paper could reduce waste, promote sustainability
New sample rack
Push down and trun printing products
Marijuana Packaging Materials
Heat shrinking machine
Printed with frosted products
New Product——Herb Grinder
It’s no wonder legal cannabis products are poised to become the largest growing new consumer packaged goods (CPG) segment in the U.S
Striving for Sustainable Packaging in Cannabis
New Product——113mm Pop Top Tube
Safety Balanced With Sustainability
New Product——Cigar Ashtray
Two containers of goods have been delivered today
Innovative New Materials at PACK EXPO Connects
Cannabis Packages Adapt to Consumer Preference
Cannabis packaging typically needs to be secure and sealed, and many states require child-proof or child-resistant packaging
Packaging for cannabis products evolves as new products appear and the promise of a bigger marketplace looms
Innovation in Cannabis Packaging
New product——Silicone Container
Bio-Circular Packaging For Sustainable Cannabis Brands

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